The Foundry

Since 1972, North Star Casteel has enjoyed success producing steel castings. Our diverse capabilities allow us to make castings ranging from small pieces in ounces, to lengths up to 20 feet. Using state-of-the-art induction melting technology we have the flexibility to produce almost any type of steel casting. Our customers have the opportunity to try the same part using different types and grades of steel and enjoy the simplicity of going to one supplier for all their product or material needs.

We specialize in Hadfield Manganese, corrosion resistant and heat resistant stainless steels. Every heat is tested on our spectrometer to assure each casting meets the chemical requirement for the customer. Any other standard form of quality control testing can be performed either in-house or by outside experts. North Star has its own chain division, "Viking Chain" specializing in mining, cement, wood products and dredging industries. Viking has developed specific patented chains and metal designs offering increased product life.

With a reputation for Craftsmanship, Integrity and Experience, North Star Casteel is the source for all your casting needs.

  • A Complete Foundry Facility

  • Grade and Specialized Steels

  • Product Development

  • Machining & Fabrication

  • Custom Applications


Today, North Star Casteel remains primarily a green sand foundry. This type of molding method requires special skills and expert attention to detail. Such a process offers us the ability to do short runs, or small quantities as well as the larger runs and quantities - no job is too big or small!


We at North Star Casteel see the value in personalized customer assistance and attention. Quality control is a focus of our production process, which means we check to verify that every part meets all production requirements. We do this through visual and various non-destructive testing methods. Ongoing upgrades in equipment and technology allow us to continue exceeding customer expectations and consistently meet deadlines set forth.


Our specialty staff includes metallurgical and industrial engineers, computer specialists, research and development professionals and experienced production personnel. A number of our employees have been with North Star since its beginning. All are dedicated to North Star's excellent reputation for quality and service.