North Star Casteel currently produces castings weighing between 1- 3,000 pounds that are up to 20ft long, specializing in Manganese, Stainless, Alloy and Nickel-based castings. We can generate heat resistant, resilient castings with specialty metals to meet all of your needs.

Using No-Bake, Green Sand and Shell Molds, we are able to accommodate your unique casting needs. Our in house heat treat, spectrometer and grinding facilities help us to ensure the timely completion of your castings.

We provide castings for the following industries:


Castings must hold up under the toughest circumstances. To ensure the optimum blend of strength and durability, North Star Casteel produces castings using Manganese and other high grade steels.


Components used in the Marine industry require unparalleled resistance to corrosion. Castings produced from Stainless and Alloy steels provide strong and long lasting components.


As a subsidiary of North Star Casteel, Viking Chain specializes in producing heavy-duty chain.


North Star Casteel also produces castings to accommodate your unique specifications.

Track Work

For over 30 Years, North Star Casteel has been serving customers in the Railroad industry. We use the highest quality Manganese and Alloy steels to meet our customers' needs for strength and durability.

Crushing and Mining

Crushing and Mining requires components that can hold up under the toughest of operating conditions. Castings produced from Manganese and Alloy steels are up to the task with unparalleled hardness and ductility.